Dogs and cats are the most popular domestic animals. They are often treated as family members. Sometimes they require exceptional care which includes professional veterinary help together with blood transfusion.

Importance of blood in therapy of many disorders have been known since ages and gradually evolved till nowadays. In Poland, the full bloom of consciousness and knowledge about blood donation used in healing and saving human’s life in the beginning as far as animals’ in present is dated on the last years of the previous century.

Animals (mainly dogs) played great role in popularizing this branch of medicine science and everything should be done to allow them to derive from it.

In response to great interest and demand from either vets or owners of animals, raisers and potential donors, the Veterinary Blood Bank was founded in Mikołów. Presently, it is the only one such a facility in whole Silesian region. Bank has been set up in the beginning of 2006 year. The seat of the bank is Veterinary Clinic of Teodorowski family.

The Clinic is surrounded by greenery and located nearby historic garden, almost in the direct center of Mikołów on Żwirki i Wigrury street number 5.
Thanks to its favourable localization close by motorway Katowice-Tychy, Katowice-Wisła and Wisła-Gliwice, blood and blood derivatives are delivered very quickly to indicated address. It is extremely important in case of emergency when blood is the most desired for saving life.

Vet Piotr Teodorowski is the originator of Veterinary Blood Bank in Mikołów and popularizer of profits derived from introducing blood healing to the veterinary science He does his best in managing the Institution and fulfill all world standards in blood healing.

The offer of Veterinary Blood Bank in Mikołów includes:

  • whole blood for dogs packed as 1 unit and ˝ unit.
  • red blood cells concentrate packed as 1 unit and ˝ unit
  • fresh frozen plasma packed as 1 unit, ˝ unit and Ľ unit
  • cryoprecipitate packed as 1 unit
  • whole blood for cats packed as 1 unit

The owners of dogs and cats who are aware and understand the idea of saving another animals’ lives willingly respond and bring their charges to donate blood. The list of volunteer blood donors quickly elongates.

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